2020 though 2021 Exhibit 

Growing Up on Chebeague

Winter 2019 & 2020 Project:

Active identification of photos, artifacts and memorabilia which reflect growing up on Chebeague 

The Chebeague Island Historical Society will explore the subject of childhood on the island in its 2020-2021 exhibit: Growing up on Chebeague through the Centuries. The exhibit will include photographs, artifacts, and memorabilia that will tell the story of island childhoods from birth to marriage.


Email: chebeaguehistory@gmail.com or call Donna Damon 846-5140 and let us know how you can help. The deadline for submitting photos and artifacts has passed, and work is underway on creating the exhibit.  We are delighted with the response from those willing to share their memories.   While we won’t be able to use everything, we will use something from everyone. Check the Island Calendar, the CIHS web site, and Chebeague.org as the exhibit evolves.


137 South Road, Chebeague Island, ME 04017

Museum closed for season 2019-2020 winter & spring

2020 opening will occur in June


T: +207-846-5237

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