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Our Artists

Clint Jones

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Clint Jones is a devoted grandfather, gifted metal sculptor, skilled boat and car mechanic by trade, fisherman, and boating enthusiast. Clint beams with joy when talking about his grandson and when describing his latest sculpture, his conversation races with excited enthusiasm. His artwork is featured in galleries and shops all over Maine, including Edgecomb Potters and Archipelago in Rockland.

Clint sees his metal art as time capsules that will last hundreds of years, each piece telling a story.  He likes the strength of metal and enjoys working with a medium with such longevity. People admire the durability of his pieces, which can be displayed indoors or out. Clint works with stainless steel, brass, and copper, creating images that have depth and character, and develop a patina when hung outdoors. Clint honors the history, wildlife, and nature of Chebeague through his sculptures, which can be seen in yards and on structures all over Chebeague. The North Road face of the Museum of Chebeague History is home to Clint’s Stone Sloop sculpture and sculpture of Sanford Doughty, an island fisherman, at work in his dory. 


Hauling In the Net, Clint’s sculpture created especially for the Historical Society’s Museum Artisan Shop, depicts a fishing scene that aligns with the era of the Museum’s Thomas O’Neal painting, The Fisherman. 

Nancy Maull

Nancy Maull has shown her paintings in Maine, on Chebeague Island, where she lives in the Summer and in Boston, where she lives in the Winter. A recent show in Bostons was called "Wouldn't You Rather be Outside ?"

Many of the paintings hold a location in memory and try to catch a moment in time and space. Maine islands reliable offer up the horizon, the motion of water, color, reflected light, and long raked shadows. Island back shores, ocean-facing shores, and inland woods are all very different countries. Boston is a tougher venue, a whole nation of its own. But structure, grid, intensity and surprise sometimes justify the effort all the better to see them

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Beth McNulty

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Beth has been painting since she was a child.  The pandemic allowed her to devote much more time to her art, which has always brought her joy.   Her rich painting style captures scenes and objects in and around Chebeague, focusing on the vibrant colors of sky and water.  Beth's choice of medium is oil on canvas.

Beth has shown her work in Portland at the Roux and Cyr International Fine Art Gallery.  She resides on Chebeague with her husband Michael.

Sandra Rice

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Sandra was born on Chebeague and now resides here with her husband, Malcolm. After twenty-five years in the performing arts she moved into the fine arts, choosing watercolor as her medium of choice. Her passion is painting out of doors, or plein aire. Chebeague provides the inspiration to transform the sights, sounds and smells of the island to her artwork. You can find her painting on the beach, the rocks, or along the roads.

Sandra has taken many watercolor workshops with professional instructors including Judi Wagner, Mel Stabin, Tony vanHasselt and Gordon MacKenzie. She has exhibited on Chebeague Island and the Royal BVI Yacht Club on Tortola.

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