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CIHS Exhibit 2014-2015

On Land and Sea:

Treasures of the Museum

Over the years, the Chebeague Island Historical Society has collected and preserved the island’s photographs, artifacts and written records as an integral part of its mission. Thousands of items have been stored at the Museum in climate-controlled storage or in the Society’s photo database. The 2014 exhibit, On Land and Sea, displayed more than 220 images and artifacts that were generously donated to the Museum or were bought by the Bates or Leonard funds. Visitors learned about Chebeague’s prehistoric, maritime, agricultural, domestic, educational, and religious legacies . The exhibit included a series of maps that depicted Chebeague’s progression from an isolated subsistence agrarian economy of only a few families to a community with churches, schools, and a diversified economy. The maps presented the island’s physical characteristics, built landscape, and the evolution of the island’s name, while charts depicted some of the fishing grounds with courses marked by the fishermen themselves.

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