The Ellsworth Miller Lecture Series
~~ Videos of Past Lectures ~~ 


January 11, 2021

Earle Shettleworth, Maine State Historian:  "18th and 19th Century Portland 


February 8, 2021
Donna Damon, CIHS Curator:  "The Place We Call Home: Early History
and Economic Evolution"

March 8, 2021

Earle Shettleworth, Maine State Historian:  "Great Portland Fire of 1866"

April 12, 2021             

Donna Miller Damon, CIHS Curator:  "The Roots of Chebeague's Tourism, and its Impact on the Chebeague Community"           

May 10, 2021             

Kate Kennedy, author and seasonal resident:  Remarkable Maine Women

NOTE: We had a problem with the recording for this lecture, due to internet issues.  There is audio of part of the lecture, but not the first segment.  You will be joining Kate mid-point in her talk.

June 19, 2021             

Chebeague Island Historical Society Annual Meeting, via zoom

NOTE: Annual Meeting starts the video and ends @ minute #22:45.

June 19, 2021         

Donna Damon, CIHS Curator:  "Growing Up on Chebeague"

NOTE: This lecture is included on the Annual Meeting video.  TO JUST VIEW Donna's lecture, go directly to minute #22:45.

July 12, 2021             

Erno Bonebakker:  "World War II in Casco Bay:  Facts, Myths, Images

and Anecdotes"

August 9, 2021             

Linda Grant and friends:  "100th Anniversary of Chebeague Island Golf Course"

September 20, 2021             

Donna Damon, CIHS Curator:  "Education and the District 9

Schoolhouse ~ 150th Anniversary of Museum Building at 137 South Road"

October 11, 2021             

Donna Damon, CIHS Curator:  "Island Organizations and Supporting and

Building Community:  A Place of Innovation and Creativity"

November 8, 2021

Earle Shettleworth, Maine State Historian –  "The Land and Sea of Three Maine Women Photographers: The Real Photo Postcards of Thurza Foss, Minnie Libby, and Josephine Townsend"


July 6, 2020

Michael Porter, author:  "Maps of Chebeague"

July 20, 2020

Jerry Wiles, lecturer:  "The Potsdam Conference"

August 3, 2020  

Peter Ralston, photographic artist:  "Along the Coast- His Work"

August 17, 2020  

David Hill, CIHS Board President: "Billy Hill: The Man Who Outshot Annie Oakley"

August 31, 2020

David Weiss, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Northeast Historic Film:

"Historic Maine Films"

October 26, 2020
Donna Damon, CIHS Curator: "Chebeague During the Civil War"

November 9, 2020

Earle Shettleworth, Maine State Historian:  "Colonial Era Portland"

December 14, 2020

Jerry Wiles, Lecturer: "Christmas 1941: Churchill and Roosevelt Meet in Washington"